5 tips to overcome the post-holiday syndrome

September has arrived and the end of the summer holidays. In Spain, several years media speak about a «post-holiday syndrome», also known as post-holiday stress or depression. This post-holiday syndrome is a cluster of symptoms that occur when we joined our obligations (work, family, study, …) after a holiday period.

We want to give you 5 tips to return to the routine as best as possible without forgetting that there is still a bit of summer to enjoy.

5 tips to overcome the post-holiday syndrome

1. Schedule your return early and progressively:

You know the holidays are ending, do not get caught by surprise! You see your schedule gradually adapting to your body adapt to changes that means get into the routine. Make your body slowly adapts your days.

2. Start making sport and regulate sleep:

A good way to start your routine is to start doing some sport to establish a steady pace from day to day. It is important to note that we must begin to regulate sleep and leave behind the days of late nights enjoying the summer evenings.



3. Be positive and be patient:

Your attitude is very important to get back to your routine. Do not get impatient and think that this change will be made overnight. Play sports will help you have a better mood and have a much more positive attitude. Remember that there are still days of summer …

4. Save your vacation memories:

September is a good time to gather all the photos you’ve done during the holidays. Collect them, order it and make your photo album of the holidays. Permanent memories you’ll be able to see all year! How many photos of your holiday upload to Facebook? Captures all the memories and keep those memories every day of the year.

5. Don’t forget that there is still a little summer:

It’s true. Although the holidays have ended there are still days of summer to enjoy the beach and friends. Returning to work or school should be an important part of the day but not the only one. We invite you to enjoy an unforgettable mediterranean experience in La Gritta. We still have days of service for you. Remember you can book a table from our website and share the best images from your visit to our Facebook. That the return to routine is not an excuse to still enjoy what’s left of summer!