8 Tips to return to food routine

Summer and the holidays are over and we need to return to the daily routine. Start thinking about it and try to adapt can be uncomfortable and possibly many people suffer post-holiday syndrome.

The best way to adapt us to the routine should also is return to our food routine after the holidays and try to do it successfully.

Tips to return to food routine

  • During the holidays we don’t have a schedule so marked as in the days of work and routine. Therefore, one way to start eating well again is create mealtimes more or less adjusted to your routine: breakfast, lunch and dinner interspersed with 2 lighter snacks.
  • The best way to do it is changing the chip, remember the holiday but not cope with a bad attitude. Holidays usually make us gain some weight and one of the reasons for returning to the routine is to regain stability.
  • The routine is the perfect excuse to ignore the excessive drinks like beer, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages that you’ve been taking during the holidays. Try satisfy these days still warm with a nice cold lemonade or flavored drinks.
  • Adjusts the amount of your meals. It’s normal to want to still eat like we did in the holidays or on days we overdo a little, but should begin to retake the same proportions of food already used to.
  • Do not forget the fruits and vegetables! In summer it is normal to be shelved, but your body needs it. Try adding these healthy meals your contributions to begin improving food.
  • If you have food in your typical vacation spot, for example ensaimada from Mallorca, try not to eat it all the first day and try to space the time. For example, treat yourself in spare time.
  • The most important thing at the start is to control you and have willpower. Back to healthy habits and maintain control is complicated but we get to be better with yourself.
  • A good way to feel better is also do exercise. This will help improve mood and feel better after the holidays.

comida sana


We already say you what you could eat healthy in summer, but possibly have done the odd leap in our diet. The menu we offer in La Gritta can be adapted to your return to routine. We recommend you come to taste in your day off and take always some healthy food. We are waiting for you!