Apps about gastronomy and restaurants

Actually it’s fashionable to use mobile applications to find restaurants or just to share photos and your favorite places. As we told you in the post about how the Internet has affected the restaurants, the advent of the Internet has changed the experience lived in restaurants.

Therefore, we have collected five app on restaurants quite useful for people who prefer to interact with restaurants before, during and after your dining experience.


In this social network users write reviews about restaurants, shops, nightlife spots, … Thanks to the geolocation allows us to discover nearby places: bars, restaurants, … according to tips such as proximity, price or type of food.

Users can rate local and uploading photos of your experience. This application in Spain is very recent and rare, but in the US is well established.


This is the geolocation mobile app for excellence and has more relevance in Spain, but has now lost its relevance.

This application is based more on check in for recording the places we visited, so it is useful to find the best restaurants where everyone goes. Currently more than 30 million users use Foursquare and this causes the application to register many sites are hard to find somewhere that is not in the app. An important feature of this application is that if you run a site registered in Foursquare locates sends you the information you need to know about the place.

app restaurant




This application is mainly in share photos of the dishes are tasting. Images can be labeled with the name of the local and app users can comment on. The most interesting thing about this application is that it serves to see what they look like the dishes before making your reservation and also can view comments from other diners. In Foodspotting you can see other users recommended dishes and even search for specific foods.

Like many apps still it has not been popular in Spain, but in many large cities there are even activities aimed at this application.


This application is similar like Foodspotting and even has the same trend. Upload a photo and comment about them. This way you can sort your photos by type of food, dishes punctuate and follow the activity of other users of the app.

This application is quite similar to Twitter as you follow people and you can see the dishes that photograph and interact with them.


This application specializes in user prefers haute cuisine. Since the app Restalo you can book the best restaurants and trendy establishment throughout Spain. This application lets you filter by neighborhood, price, type of cuisine and promotions. But also, you can do it by services such as karaoke, parking, playground, letter by language, etc.


This collection of applications will be very useful to live a gastronomic experience from the Internet. We want to approach this experience and through our website will see: the menu, a gallery of our restaurant, reservations … Surf the web and then live a Mediterranean experience in La Gritta!