Tripadvisor: Your opinion is important to us

We wrote several times during the 2015 how Internet changes the way in restaurants. If you don’t remember it, you can review our post how Internet has changed our lunchtime. Online reputation has become a major theme for hotel and restaurants. Currently, everyone can give their opinion and it is important to control what is being said about us on the network.

Some information about Tripadvisor

TripAdvisor is the biggest travel website in the world and Spain is the second country in the world in tourist arrivals. This means that it is very important to have your own page on Tripadvisor. It also offers advice on its website and opinions on real travelers and this makes that everyone can be registered and can review, critique, rate or recommend.

Tripadvisor relevant data are: 280 million unique users per month and over 170 million comments and opinions about 4 million sites in the world. Therefore, it is important that your business is visible on Tripadvisor with your current and complete information.




What values matter in your opinion?

There are several factors that matter and it is therefore important that our customers give their opinion on TripAdvisor. The highlight and that affects our position on Tripadvisor are:

  • Present: It is very important that our business generates new and constantly reviews. The most recent reviews matter more than the old, so it is important that all new reviews are good.
  • Quality: When we have a positive review is very simple act and generate good feedback to our customer. But how to react to a bad constructive review is also very important. It is important to transform this bad review in a purpose of amendment and improvement, and that people who visit Tripadvisor not see a passive or bad attitude towards these situations.
  • Quantity: it is important to encourage customers to leave feedback about your experience on our site. It is important that opinions are quality and to stay away from friends and family who want the best for our establishment. A more good opinions are better image and higher rankings.


When we wrote about the 5 apps about gastronomy and restaurants, we ignore Tripadvisor because we wanted to highlight the importance of this website for restaurants and hotels around the world … and for us! We are waiting for your opinions on our Tripadvisor website. Your opinion is important!