We have closed 2015 season

On 1st of November we closed the 2015 summer season in «La Gritta»

Great season with you

As every year we have had a very nice time with all you. You have been enjoying La Gritta after the change we have made to our image, and we hope you enjoy it a lot.

la gritta


We wanted to share with all of you our change. Some of our customers have valued thie change as positive thing.

Thanks for being part of us this 2015 season

We don’t want to close the season without thank you for having part of this season. You always have filled our terrace since we opened. You value very positive our views.

This year we had our new website and our Facebook page. Many people have visited the website all summer and from here we want thank you again.

Your Facebook interactivity we value highly. All who have been «like» or have chared your photos with us have done that together we create a great family in la Gritta. We invite all those who follow this blog and every week you’ve read our articles to enter our Facebook and «like» it.

Now it’s time to rest, rechange and prepare for the new season. We hope that all who have been with us this 2015 season come back next year. Thanks for an unforgettable mediterranean experience with us!