Is it possible to eat healthy during the summer holidays?

When we go on vacation just jumping our daily routine of good habits. Therefore, although we are on vacation and want to disconnect a little of everything, it is important not to forget your health.

The ideal is to keep the good habits acquired during the year: a good breakfast, drink lots of water and exercise. There is no doubt that holidays are to rest, but we will try to give some advice to practice during your holiday.

Any excuse is good to move

If your vacation is on the beach or in the mountains, it’s easy to be active. If you decide to spend your holiday sunbathing on the beach, take the opportunity to stroll along the shore. The sun is not as suffocating near the sea and if you put half in the water have a good thermal sensation while exercising. In summer you can practice many sports on the beach: play paddle, volleyball, swimming, …

If your vacation reservations at a rural house, certain that the great forest has hiking around you to escape to discover new places. Dare to discover what your future holds the forest paths. Remember to always wear proper footwear and hydrate well.

If you like to spend the holiday doing urban tourism, also have the opportunity to move. You can always fail to do walking tours. It is a good way to not miss any detail of your visit and also you can take a bike and explore the city on wheels.



Eat healthy: yes we can!

Eat outside and the new «all inclusive» makes holidays become an «anything goes». Therefore, we must take into account not do many excesses. We suggest you a way to improve food on your vacation.

Start the morning with energy and good breakfast. The first meal of the day is the most important and when you’re on vacation too. Either because you are spending the day at the beach, resting in a house or discovering a new city; takes energy to face the day and make the most.

When the holidays mean to spend all day lying in the sun, we often forget the most important: eat healthy and well hydrated. Therefore, we recommend bringing food to the beach but do not overdo the snacks and sandwiches. If you carry a fridge you can always take advantage and bring fruit and snacks on it. This will make you feel lighter and make your vacation really «a break».

We recommend you do a bit of gastronomic tourism whatever your vacation plan. Travel and experience the delights of other countries is one of the best pleasures of the world. Therefore, we advise how to choose what place offer good quality product: remember that your idea is to eat as healthy as possible on your vacation. Therefore, we recommend you come to La Gritta and live a true Mediterranean experience. No matter if you are enjoying the beach in Peguera, discovering some corner of the Serra de Tramuntana or visiting the most emblematic monuments in Palma; you can go by bus or cas to La Gritta. Live a Mediterranean experience in our terrace overlooking the sea and enjoy quality food and healthy. Our menu has a wide variety of dishes care for you. And while on holiday we recommend eating healthy: we invite you to discover our omemade desserts trolley. One day is a day!

I hope I have helped to make your holiday in disconnection without forgetting feel good. Do not forget to book on our website to make sure the perfect place for your dining plan. Happy Holidays!